The 5-Second Trick For Best Affordable Preschool in Sunnyvale CA

Personal attention:
The utmost priority of A+ Academy Preschool-After School program is student success with exceptional proficiency by emphasizing tutoring in smaller groups. Independent learning can be best achieved through one-on-one instruction as needed for some students.

Qualified teachers:
Our Preschool-After School has qualified, committed and talented staff to ensure your child’s excellence and meet the expected standards academically. Dynamic education blended with professionalism is provided to each student at A+ Academy .

Excellent Enrichment Program:
Students in our Preschool-After School program are fully equipped with required technology to ensure quality education and progress the areas of interest. Assessment and observation based teaching methodology is applied in homework help for student success and proficiency.

Extra Curricular Activities:
Apart from academics, our After School program includes age appropriate add-ons such as Math Enrichment, Chess, Public Speaking, Soccer, Music and Art to enhance confidence and creativity in our participating students at our location in Sunnyvale.

Quality education that emphasizes the overall growth of children

A+ Academy has been providing childcare services since 2017 to children in Sunnyvale, CA and the surrounding cities. We get info have always aimed to explore the unique potential of every child through excellent enrichment programs. Our qualified teachers make this possible through quality education in a safe, healthy, and caring environment. A+ Academy reflects a community that gives value to academic excellence, social skills, and confidence growth.

For optimum results, we focus on the following areas:
Personal Attention
Qualified Teachers
Excellent Enrichment Programs

Committed to quality education, we at A+ Academy make sure that our preschool and pre-kindergarten programs focus on emphasizing the overall growth of children.

We also have an after-school program that provides a safe, nurturing, and supervised environment for children. This program reinforces the academic aspect of a child’s development, along with their social skills. We also provide hot lunch meals and a healthy snacks for our after-school students, which are already included in their tuition.

reschool / Pre-K Philosophy
A+ Academy commits to providing an age-appropriate learning environment with a curriculum that involves fun and challenging activities. Curiosity and talent nourishes the overall development of every individual precious little one. Critical-thinking and problem-solving skills are acquired through development of the child’s physical, social, emotional, cognitive and fine/gross motor skills. We believe in making learning a delightful experience for our children at their own pace. Our programs include Phonics, Number Work, Reading, Music, and Poetry — all of which promotes their desire to learn.

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